Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner, 86T3

One of the finest carpet cleaning products for the Bissell line of carpet shampooers is the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. The Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 is capable of outperforming any type of carpet cleaner available in the market these days. It is perfect for domestic carpet cleaning tasks and can also do light commercial carpet maintenance as well.

According to one of the users of the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3, this is a carpet shampooer that is very easy to use and maneuver. In addition, it comes with a clear instruction booklet that is quite easy to understand and follow. The unit is also designed or styled in a way that makes it easy for the customer to use. Aside from this, buying the product from Bissell also includes a bottle of cleaning solution. This prevents users from buying other types of carpet cleaning solutions.

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What are the Product Features of the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3?

  • The Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 cleans a lot better compared to other leading rental brands of cleaners in the market.
  • It has a DirtLifter PowerBrushes that provide more power in removing dirt. It can clean and dry faster compared to other brands of carpet cleaner.
  • It is also very effective in reaching tough spots of the carpet thus making it possible to remove stains on hard to reach areas such as the stairs and the corners of the carpets.
  • Its flow indicator also monitors the level of the water and the solution inside the tanks of the machine. This will help users know the right time to refill the tanks.
  • The large capacity containers are also removable thus making it easier for the user to empty or refill the compartments.

With the use of this product, carpet cleaning can be enjoyed by anyone.

This can clean rugs and carpets without exerting a lot of effort. With a single glide of the machine, a huge bulk of dirt can already be lifted from the fibers of the carpet. Another thing that is worth mentioning about this product is that the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 can do any type of carpet with ease. Old and moldy carpets can be made white and fluffy in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, the carpets can also dry as fast as 2 hours. Maintaining the unit itself is also very easy. With the use of detachable compartments, cleaning the tanks is not even considered a chore. This perfect carpet cleaning product can be bought at at a very reasonable price.

What are the Advantages of Using the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3?

One of the advantages of using the Bissell carpet cleaner is that is can easily outperform other rug and carpet shampooers. It has a very handy wand that can be used in cleaning tight areas or spots of the carpets. With double passes, carpets and rugs can be cleaned in an instant. It also has a very large tank that can accommodate large capacity of water thus reducing the number of times the user needs to refill. It also has a very long power cord that allows a wider coverage area.

What are the Disadvantages of the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3?

Just like any other products, the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 also has a few disadvantages. One of these is its very expensive price. Another is its bulky unit making it very difficult to store the cleaner. It is also very heavy, which weight approximately more than 54 pounds.

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The Comments of the Previous Users 

According to some of the users of the Bissell carpet cleaner, this product can be classified as one of the best cleaning products in the market. Although it is expensive, the benefits and uses it can provide are all worth the price it offers. This is perfect in all types of households especially those that have pets and children. It also reduces the work effort one has to give in order to clean a large house that is fully carpeted.

Aside from these, some of the users also mentioned that the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 is very versatile in cleaning not only the house but as well as the carpets of the car. The preparation of the unit is also very easy and simple to do and the machine does exactly what the users want it to do. In addition to these praises, a lot of customers are also very satisfied with its performance in removing dirt. It does not only eliminate new stains, but it also helps diminish the traces of old stains. Buying this product will definitely satisfy a lot of users. It will even surpass the expectations of buyers, which is something that only a few carpet cleaners are capable of doing. This is the reason why many customers who have tried and experienced the benefits of the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3, recommend this product to other homeowners.


Although the entire unit is very costly, the benefits and functions of the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 are able to satisfy the needs of most homeowners. Because of this, most users consider the Bissell carpet cleaner as one of the best domestic cleaners these days. All of its features are very impressive and its functions will definitely make anyone who desires a cleaner home very happy. In fact, most of the customers who have tried the product gave it a perfect rating of 5 stars. This is why the Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3 is highly recommended to those who want to have top quality rug and carpet shampooers. It can provide all the necessary things to keep the carpet clean and tidy.

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Additional Product Details

The product has a dimension of 20.5 inches by 11 inches by 42.2 inches. Its overall weight is approximately 53.2 pounds and its shipping weight is around 54.2 pounds.

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