Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900

The Hoover brand is known to produce some of the best rug and carpet shampooers in the market. One of its best cleaning products is none other than the Hoover F8100900. This item is named under the Hoover’s Platinum Collection. The brand has provided everything to make this carpet cleaner reliable and effective in maintaining carpets. This is something that Hoover is very proud of and the benefits provided by the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900 are all proven by the testimonials and reviews provided by the users.

There are plenty of amazing features presented by this cool carpet cleaner:

  • It has a full system cleaning that functions with the multi-action agitation, dirt removal, carpet washing and rinsing, and as well as direct heat drying.
  • The MaxExtract technology of the machine can effectively remove all types of dirt compared to other brands of carpet shampooers.
  • It has a high intensity LED spotlight that can help illuminate the areas that require cleaning.
  • The machine also has a multi-directional brush with dual scrubbing that can reach all the angles of the rug.
  • The company also provides a 6 year warranty to all units of the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900.

Where Can You Buy the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900 at a Discounted Price?

The Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900 can often be found on sale at Amazon.com.

Generally, the unit comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to read and follow. The carpet cleaner is also very easy to use. In fact, it glides, brushes, scrubs and cleans carpets with ease. Because of the heat that is applied on top of the carpet, it becomes effortless to remove embedded dirt. Aside from this, the heat also helps speed up the drying of the carpet. This leaves a clean and brand new-looking carpet that all homeowners would surely like to have.

When it comes to the features, there are a lot of things that users can be amazed of. The Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900 has multi-directional brushes, dual scrubbing and multi-action agitation that help in perfecting the cleaning process. Aside from this, it also has high velocity suction and direct heat drying that makes the cleaning task easy to endure. The machine also contains a built in auto rinse feature. This allows clean water to rinse the carpet to remove residue of soap from the shampooing process.

The LED spotlight also helps in magnifying the areas that require attention. The machine also has Led tank light indicator, which reminds the user when it is the right time to refill the compartments.

Aside from this, the Hoover machine is also very effective in spot cleaning. This type of cleaning is applicable on localized stains since it prevents the spread of the spillage. The unit also has a SpinScrub powered tool and an upholstery tool that allows the user to reach every inch of the carpet.

Advantages of the Hoover F8100900

  • The Hoover cleaners is effective in removing more dirt compared to other rug and carpet shampooers
  • It has an auto-rinse feature that allows rinsing of the carpet with fresh water to eliminate residue of soap
  • It has an illuminated dashboard, which is effective in reminding the user when is it time to refill the tanks
  • The SpinScrub tool and two-spot cleaning settings are also very beneficial for the user.

Some Disadvantages

  • One of the disadvantages of using this Hoover carpet cleaner is that the unit is quite heavy. All in all, it weight approximately 66 pounds.
  • The carpet cleaner is also quite expensive, although many users seem to feel it is well worth the price.

Testimonials of Customers about the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900

A lot of clients who have already tried the Hoover carpet cleaner are actually very satisfied with the performance of the product. It is very effective e in removing dirt and it is also very easy to use. A lot of customers are also raving about the SpinScrub tool since it enhances the cleaning benefits of the machine. Aside from this, many are also impressed with the applied heat features of the Hoover F8100900.

Another feature that makes a lot of customers very happy about the cleaner is its 6 years duration of warranty. This shows that the Hoover brand is very confident with the durability of the product. Even though the unit is quite costly, the warranty service guarantees that the product can last for a very long time. Because of this, the Hoover F8100900 can still save more money in repairs and maintenance compared to other carpet cleaners.

Some of the customers or users of the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900 carpet shampooer have mentioned that their carpets look 100 times better after using the cleaning machine. They are also very impressed with the product’s 6-year warranty, which is something that is very rare in other brands. Other users are even more impressed in using the Hoover carpet shampooer that having their carpet professionally cleaned. Customers also give the product a two thumbs-up for its effective cleaning benefits.

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The Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900 is definitely the best carpet cleaner for homeowners and users who would like to see a spotless carpet. This product is very sturdy and can last for a very long time, making it worth buying or purchasing. Despite the expensive price tag, the Hoover F8100900 has a long warranty period that ensures the quality performance of the cleaners. With the use of this item, it will definitely provide a good looking carpet that looks almost like brand new.

Additional Product Details:

Item Weight: 66.1 pounds
Shipping Weight: 68.1 pounds



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